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Primerail has been on the forefront of providing bespoke Track Engineering services for a wide clientele both in India and abroad. We offer services catering to all types of Rail networks like Urban, Suburban, Semi-High Speed, High-Speed and Freight Lines Railways. Primerail has extensive experience in detailed designs of Ballastless tracks for several Metro Rail and National Rail lines. Primerail team is equipped with the know-how and expertise to deal with any complex track engineering problems and provide value-engineering and quality solutions.


  • Hanoi Pilot Light Rail Metro (12.5km) – BLT Designs on Viaducts, Rail Structure Interaction for Cable Stayed Bridge
  • Nagpur Metro Phase 1 & Phase 2 (82 km) – Best-fit Alignment Designs and BLT Designs
  • Pune Metro Phase 1 and 2 (26 km) – Best-fit Alignment Designs and BLT Designs
  • Kochi Metro Phase 1 and Phase 1 Extension – Best-fit Alignment Designs and BLT Designs
  • Manila Metro LRT1 Cavite Extension (11.7km) – Best-fit Alignment Designs
  • Bangalore Metro Phase II (72 km) – Best-fit Alignment Designs, Track Surveys, BLT Designs for Viaduct, Underground and Depot
  • Bangalore Suburban Rail Project – Alignment Pioneering and Preliminary Designs for DPR
  • NHSRCL( MAHSR-T-2 Package)- Track General Consultancy Services including Project Management, Detailed Track Designs , Specialized Survey and providing Technical Advisory & Procurement Assistance.
  • Project of National Importance – USBRL, the Longest Transport Tunnel in the Country (Approx. 59.45km) – Consultancy Services for Proof Checking for Construction of Broad Gauge Ballast less Track on Katra – Dharam section.
  • Perth Transport Authority (Western Australia) – Design & Life Cycle Costing Study for Establishing an Optimum Track Structure of Existing & Future Lines.
  • NCRTC (Regional Rapid Transit System – 82km) – Precast Track slab system- PORR, Cast In-situ Track slab Design, System provided selection, O&M manuals, Construction Supervision.
  • NHSRCL(High Speed Rail-237Km)- Pre-Bid Services for MAHSR-T2 Package in the state of Gujarat and the Union Territory of Dadar and Nagar Haveli for the project for Construction of Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail
  • NHSRCL(High Speed Rail-117Km)- Pre-Bid Services for MAHSR-T3 Package in the State of Gujarat for the Project for Construction of Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail
  • Hanoi Pilot Light Metro – BLT Design on Viaducts, Rail Structure Interaction fo
  • RVNL – Construction of 3rd Line between Ghoradongri to Chiconda in Itarsi Nagpur Section (94km) – Pre bid Engineering Services including Design of Structures, Topographic Survey and Tunnel Designs.
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals for PSI as well as OHE for the entire EMP-4 project (916 km) of First Phase.
  • Design  of Bridge  BLT Between KM 25.000 to KM 42.350 & KM 61.687 to KM 70.787 (APPROX. 26 KM) On KATRA – DHARAM Section of USBRL, J&K
  • Consultancy Services for proof checking for Construction of Broad Gauge Ballastless Track on katra – Dharam Section(under KRCL) of USBRL Project, J&K(Approx. 59.45KM)

Key Expertise

  • Geometric / Alignment Designs using Bentley PowerRail Track
  • Detailed Structural Engineering of Track Structures
  • Lead Design Checking / Proof Checking
  • Rail Structure Interaction Studies
  • Yard Layouts / ESPs
  • LWR / CWR Studies
  • Track Structure Construction Drawings
  • Design of PSC Sleepers
  • Ballasted Track Stability Analysis
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Pre-bid Engineering