Fastening Systems

O-Clip (PR-O1)

Current Innovation improves exiting elastic rail clips / clamps performance by providing extra support from an extension leg for lift / rotational resistance. By providing extension leg, O-clip utilizes almost entire length for energy absorption when rail lifts due to wheel forces and thus optimally engineered. O-Clip is engineered with one end with bulged head to have self-lock against loosening from insert. Further, Integrated Liner and insulator is designed along with O-Clip provides insulation between rail and rail seat plus provides high compression (toe load) required to hold rail over elastomer in position

PR-90 Fastening System

In PR-90 Clip, 90 stands for 90 degree rotation of clip for the parking and the assembly positions in a single action, unlike in conventional clips with two operations – lift and movement of clip front and back. This results it more amenable for mechanized operation and save in traffic block time for installation and renewal of track.