Track Plates

Precast-Universal-Resilient-Removable Track Plates

Ballast less track structure includes series of track plates interlocked together and formed track panel of sufficient length. It is a “ballast less track of elastically supported Pre-cast modular track slab plates, which are universal i.e. suitable for straight and curves. In this track-structure, required horizontal and vertical rail curves profile (line and level) will be achieved by positioning of plates orthogonal to designed track profile.

Plates are pre-cast using table top mechanism which is having an arrangement for precision tilt of mould to achieve required varying thickness of plate across the width and length to meet the requirement of cant and to ensure almost uniform Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) without site reinforcement in it.

These track plates will be having a unique end uplift lock mechanism and continuous center-line shear connectors. Track plates are installed at site to line and level duly integrating with prior installed dispersed shear connectors along the center line of track alignment and by pouring self-compacting concrete to fill the gap between plate and support structure and in shear anchorage block.