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Smart Mobility

TieTran ROVE – New-age Intelligent Electric Transit

Primerail Infralabs, India is developing TieTran ROVE solution to expedite Autonomous vehicles deployment for on-demand in-campus and last-mile transit. Solar Powered Electric Robotic Vehicles (ROVEs) moves in a Spaceframe tube over guides in a secured environment. It is conducting trials over 430m length with three boarding/de-boarding points test facility at Bangalore, India.Roves& autonomous control systems are undergoing safety and reliability tests.

TieTran harnesses Solar energy with panels erected over tubes and feeds DC power through bus-bar to run vehicles at 50km/h at 4-5 second headway. Roves move non-stop from origin to destination in main tube and switches on its own to reach off-line station. Roves can be entered or exited at close designated points, which are within Five Minute walking Distance from home/office/shopping.

ROVEs can move upto 5000 people per hour per direction. It is an On-demand, Smart, Electric & Sustainable shared transit system.