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Rail Clips

Product Name: PR-O1 Rail Clip

PR-O1 is twin arch rail clip which provides high resilience and higher toe load. It provides a huge improvement over the existing conventional rail clips / clamps by overcoming issues such as over rigidity, Clip walkout, clip Jamming, Rail foot corrosion etc.

PR-O1 fits in insert and gets locked to prevent Clip walkout, Liner cum Insulator is placed on rail foot which reduces contact area of rail to liner resulting in reduced corrosion at rail foot.

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Product Name: PR-90 Rail Clip

PR-90 Rail clip suits for threaded fastening system which is suited for direct load transfer from Rail to Sleeper / Precast Slab Tracks. Similar to other 300 conventional fastening system, measured toe load can be applied on rail foot by applying torque on the screw / spike.

In PR-90 Clip, 90 stands for 90-degree rotation of clip for the parking and the assembly / operational positions in a single action, unlike conventional clips with two operations which involves lift and movement of clip in back and forth. This feature makes it more amenable for mechanized operation thus saving traffic block time for installation and renewal of track.