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Maximum Sustainable Transit

Primerail Infralabs is one of India’s leading Engineering Consultancy which provides prime, innovative and cost effective solutions with the aim to maximize mobility in the areas of Rail & Transit, Highways and Urban Smart Mobility systems.

Primerail Infralabs with its humble beginnings in 2017 have grown significantly both in terms of impressive clientele, highly skilled team, prestigious projects and financial growth. Primerail is now fully geared to meet the challenges faced by the infrastructure sector in the present and the future. Primerail offers specialized engineering services for all types of Rail projects like Metros, Mainline Passenger/Freight Line, Heavy Haul lines, Semi-High Railways & High-Speed Railways and for Road / Highway projects for several clients in India and abroad. Primerail offer engineering services for all project phases including conceptualization, feasibility studies, field investigations, pre-bid services, detailed engineering with 3D BIM, project management services, construction supervisions services, independent verifications, proof checking etc.

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