Tietran Cycleloop

TieTran – The Intelligent Eco-Transportation Solution


Tired of driving on congested roads?

Frustrated whether you can reach your destination on time?

Need a healthy, stress free, affordable transportation solution?

Well, here is the ultimate solution – “TieTran”


The idea of TieTran originated while driving through Bengaluru’s notorious traffic and in the search of alternative efficient, transport solution.

Imbalance in the utilization of existing transport modes, Inadequate feeder transport infrastructure and sub-optimal use of public transport increasing traffic density more than capacity of road, leading to jams and congestions. Many transport innovations although workable but infact adds to the already congested roads and may not reduce pollution or commuter stress efficiently.Seamless integrated mobility is amust to encourage public transportation.

TieTran is safe, reliable, most energy efficient, green, and faster alternative travel mode.

Tietran is an e-bike based green urban mobility solution for last mile connectivity from metro stations& other public transit hubs to dense hinterlands. Commuter rides e-cycle in an air conditioned light elevated tube over the medians/footpaths.

Bike is the most energy efficient transport mode in the world. Bike in a dedicated lane provides reliability to commuting and offers health benefits of pedalling. Autonomous battery less e-bike in a semi-controlled environment with self-balancing ability combined with smart switching and intelligent algorithms , central real time data processors makes it the most convenient, safe, lean and clean mobility disruption.

Electronics in e-bikes intelligently communicates with field sensors & central process control and travels autonomously from origin to destination at pre-determined speeds.  DC 3rd rail power supply to BLDC motor facilitate comfortable power assisted ride just like a Metro rail system.

Modular quick construction, near-zero land acquisition, rapid scalability and optimum LCC makes it an attractive innovation. Further exportability of technology to global markets makes it a strong business case.

Diverse use case scenarios with low user base or high implementation costs like perimeter patrolling for high security areas, river crossings and coastal areas makes it an attractive alternate transport. Better and safe public mobility facilitates more women to enter in work force, marginalised sections to enter mainstream and maintain equality in society. Thus Tietran will transform economically, socially, ecologically and politically and inspire the world to emulate this technology across the globe.

TieTran Cycleloop Infrastructure




Appreciation and Awards

1. TieTran is Awarded as Most Feasible Next Gen Transportation by ASCE (American society of Civil Engineers) at Its Global Level Innovation Contest 2018

ASCE Innovation Contest 2018 Winners List

2. Mr.Amitabh Kant , CEO , NITI AAYOG, Appreciated Tietran Cycleloop via twitter as a original Innovation :  TWEET LINK


3. TieTran Cycleloop at Happy Cities Summit,Amaravati, AP : HAPPY CITIES SUMMIT LINK

AP Chief Minister Mr.NaraChandrababu Naidu appreciated TieTran and showed Interest in Implementing TieTran Cycleloop in Amaravati Smart City Project

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