TIETRAN – The Intelligent Eco TRANsport System is an Autonomous Guided Personnel Rapid Transit system with “Fitness First” and “Clean Technology”concepts at its core. This is basically a self-balancing e-cycle on dedicated lean elevated tubes. Users can book a trip through smart phone application which establishes the identity of user, selects the best route based on origin and destination, and moves at pre-programmed speeds. Tietran is the most apt mode of shorter commute in urban areas, tech parks, tourist places, amusement parks, large industrial complexes, integrated townships, airports, marine ports, river crossings, river islands, towns etc.


PSC plinth system is modular, can be precast at a casting yard and is assembled at site to create the track system which has applicability in Metro Rail, High Speed Rail, Mainline and Station Aprons. PSC Plinth is a resilient system supported at discrete intervals


Biebus is an innovative bi-level BRT systems which delivers around 15000-18000 pphpd with operational speeds of 30 to 35 kmph. The system is guided, and signal free with indigenous technology. Some of the highlights of the system are least land footprints, ability to manoeuvre sharp curves (40 to 45 m), climb steep grades (upto 10%), has wider coverage, less implementation time, dual door system aiding faster disembarking, and eco-friendly